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Mark Tarman - Director of Photography

Maximillian Selim - Editor


Verse 1 - Homeless

On the cold nights... All you do is look for parties, find yourself having no fun
Can't get off with new girls, you can't stop thinking 'bout your old ones Ridin' around your city, beats loud with the seat back
And can't stop making jokes, just hoping that people laugh You can't relax, finally knowing that you need that
Keep seeking happiness, fearing depression creeping back those dirty words, the journey's a learning curve
and you done came a long way from when the bullies called you nerd You're never lost or found, above or underground
just living in that gray matter, the carousel spins around
Repetition is killing everything you say you live for
you keep losing yourself on the mission of getting more than what you got, or what they say that you can have
and in the end, all you wanted was to make something that lasts they say it's a long road, you feel like they don't know the half

Hook - Lydia Liza

Verse 2 - Homeless Who knows, now you go where the wind blows
shrinking lesser parts of you, and hoping good ones grow but that ain't new, everyone else is working too
like what the hell else would you do if you weren't trying to improve better your craft, laughs, your life and your relationships
your fucking bank account, and the place that you claim you staying in your birthplace, your hometown, and your heart
your reason you still believe in the meaning of making art and the money would be nice, but you'd sacrifice all the stacks
for a second of their attention, get your city on the map that's why you show your face, to shake the hands and support
'cause it's the people that respect you, that help you to stay the course You share shots of booze and clown on parties from the back
while dreaming about the days that y'all can travel 'cross the map It'd be good to be gone awhile, you know you're always coming back

Hook - Lydia Liza

Verse 3 - Homeless You just wanna take what you wrote, and the feelings you create
to the people in every city, to see if they could relate And on the hardest days, you wonder why they ain't having it
seems like a simple dream, you ain't even acting extravagant that's the challenge, bang your head against a brick wall
press on, record songs, until the day that that shit falls you medicate the panic, try to live in the moment
find a little love while you wait, when it's all yours, you gon' own it For the time being it isn't, you live with your head spinning
and pray that it's all worth it, the day you make it to the ending wonder if she's received the well-wishes you've been sending
and whether broken hearts are ever meant to be mended this is only two cents, you know it doesn't sound expensive
you’re just set on winning the game with a bit of rule bending and letting out a couple things you figured you should mention

Hook - Lydia Liza